Oct 1, 2008

walkerman - day 3

Notes to self:

  • Walking down 6th Street sucks (too loud, too many cars)
  • Walking home is uphill (ouch)
  • Download more episodes of This American Life
  • Take some photos
  • Walking makes me happy

I found this link via my buddies at Lucky Dog. Very cool. Maybe someday I'll finally make a movie of some sort.

Fifty People, One Question: Restored from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.


michael said...

As a former fellow walk-to-worker, I hear you loud and clear. Back in T-town I walked to work most days for about three years, then tapered off as neighborhoods changed, etc. It was no five miles but maybe two. I miss it. I seldom got sick during that time and had more energy in general. Now my commute is around five seconds from bedroom door to office door. I'm looking for some way to replace my old walks. Maybe a morning trip down to a coffee shop to read the paper or something. Unfortunately, without the necessity of getting to the office, I imagine it will be easy to put off each day. Good for you for taking this bet. I hope you can stick with it. I'd walk with you if you'd give me a ride back home afterward.

Scott said...

Don't underestimate the additional benefits of walking with a canine.

Not sure what you'll do with a dog at work...

Doug said...

Hey guys - thanks for dropping by.

4Mike: I thought you were a walker-to-work guy. I remember that tasty laundromat photo you took while on a walk to work. I hope I can keep it up, too. Maybe I'll drop by your new digs, and we can both walk for coffee/paper.

4Scott: Unfortunately my dog Sam is no longer with us. She was what they call "a runner." We had many spirited morning walks over the years. And someday I'll hopefully have another dog to walk along with me.