Oct 3, 2008

walkerman - day 5 - i win

5 days. 5 walks to work. I win the bet. It's funny, the soreness didn't arrive until yesterday afternoon - so the walk this morning was slower (painfully slower). And, I screwed up syncing my iPhone correctly - meaning I was sans audio enjoyment. Damn. So, I spent some time thinking about some photography projects I'd like to get started or restarted soon.

One project is "leaf square 2." Last fall I chose one leaf and shot it on 16 different surfaces (mostly cars). It only took a couple hours, and it turned out really well. I think I'll give that project another stab with a different twist. And several years ago I did a "frozen leaves" experiment. It proved much harder to shoot that anticipated. This time I'd like to freeze other objects in a hunk of ice and photograph them. Below are the original versions of both projects.


michael said...

Congratulations! What do you win? Other than an excuse not to go dancing.

Love the ice shot - it's giving me ideas...

Bruce L. Snell said...

I'd pay to see Dougie dance (and even more to see Mikey dance).

Mike... just remember if you freeze a cat it won't be able to breathe.