Sep 30, 2008

walkerman - day 2

I've been spouting off for years that I plan to walk to work. Has it happened? Nope. Mostly because it's nearly 5 miles, and I can always find a good excuse to drive instead. That changed on Monday morning. Prompted by a bet from my wife and our friend Traci - I had no other choice. The bet is that I walk to work 5 days in a row. If I lose, they get a night of drinks and dancing. I like drinks as much as the next guy, but dancing just isn't my idea of a great evening. Combine that with the fear of losing to girls, and I finally have the motivation to walk.

After walking for two days now, I wonder why I didn't walk sooner. The fall weather is spectacular, I get some much needed exercise, and I start my day refreshed. Yesterday iPhone music kept me company, and today it was a podcast of This American Life (the single coolest, most interesting media anywhere on the planet). Tomorrow it's the audio book I ordered a year ago and haven't listened to yet. I'm actually looking forward to walking.

I'll have more reports (and maybe photos) as the days go by. Who knows it might turn into some kind of healthy habit.

Here's another iPhone photo montage from our shoot at Colbert Hills last week.


Amanda said...

Good for you! Take advantage of this nice weather! I'm also a huge fan of This American Life... have you heard "The Little Mermaid" one? Look-up on their website: "203: Recordings for Someone" ... it is the first act... so funny.. I've never forgotten it.

Doug said...

Thanks Amanda. I need a new episode for the walk home.

See ya Friday.