Sep 24, 2008

slacker activism

Another week has gone by, and I haven't done any better with posting something interesting. I have watched some very good TV (did you see Boston Legal last night? wow, I love that show), worked on fixing my crab grass problem(s), watched a lot of football, and most importantly, I moved my slacker political activism closer to something that resembles real political activism.

I've been seeing the very nicely produced TV spots for a while now. It's a compelling and common sense message to press our elected officials to help clean up the mess we've created. I checked out the site, joined the cause, sent several emails to the Kansas Senators/Congressman in Washington, and hope to start doing a better job about reducing my personal carbon footprint.

I made a donation to the Barack Obama campaign. I've made campaign donations before, but this is my first to a Presidential campaign. It seems strange that I've been voting for nearly 30 years and this is my first donation of this kind. Better late than never, right? You might have noticed the new Obama widget on my blog. It's a first step in becoming less shy about my political personality.

Love him or hate him, Boone Pickens has some good ideas about energy. The PickensPlan will certainly make Boone a lot more money, but maybe it's the best energy plan on the table. I signed up for that one, too. Check it out, and see what you think.

I used to enjoy Michael Moore much more than I do now. He's become even more of a goof. His tactics are questionable, and his reasoning is usually over simplistic - but the guy never ever stops working for regular folks. You gotta admire his passion. He's offering a free download of his new documentary Michael Moore's Slacker Uprising. I haven't watched it yet - but my son Zak watched it and said it was pretty darned good.

And finally, check out Clergy4Obama. My good friend Holly McKissick came up with the idea a couple weeks ago, and she already has a small army of people joining her cause. Holly has the most contagious love of life and a passion for doing good that seems to come so naturally. I'm looking forward to helping her out any way I can.

Here's to a better world tomorrow than we have today.

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