Sep 15, 2008


I've slid back into my no-blog-posting-slacker mode once again. It just seems like there are too many competing responsibilities and activities these past couple of weeks. I've come to accept that finding that perfect balance between work and fun will be a lifelong journey. Here's to arriving at that destination sooner than later.

On Saturday I went to the movies with my wife Mickey and son Zak to see "Burn After Reading." Another hilarious Coen brothers movie. If you haven't seen it - go see it. It's great fun. After the movie we got some dinner than headed to Hastings (for more movies). As we walked toward the store - we looked up to see the brightest rainbow I've ever seen. Then it emerged into a double rainbow. I didn't have my camera gear with me (I guess I'm not the luckiest guy in the world), but I did have my handy iPhone. The iPhone camera isn't all that special - but it did a good job of capturing this terrific moment in weather scenery.


michael said...

Wow - that is a bright one! Amazing how well it competes with that street light. I like your collage approach, too.

Bruce L. Snell said...

The collage idea is great. How can you say you weren't lucky when you had an iPhone with you?