Sep 9, 2008

Tagged – I'm it

My favorite photo-buddy-brothers, Mike and Bruce Snell, tagged me in a recent blog post. As Bruce so aptly describes it, tagging is "the internet version of a chain letter." It's an invitation to share some of the cool and interesting blogs you frequent. Mike was initially tagged by super-duper illustrator and friend Christy Schneider. I didn't know Christy was blogging - but now I do. Tagging works. So, here's my list of fave blog reads:

Bruce Snell – I'm not tagging Bruce just 'cause he tagged me. He always has a permanent link as one of my fave photographers. He's a founding member of the photodudes - and we can always rely on Bruce to make us laugh. Bruce is one of the best people shooters around these parts (and every other kind of photography for that matter). Bruce's blog is always a fun read and full of tasty photography.

Mike Snell – I've know Mike for a long time. He's also a founding member of the photodudes. We worked together in the advertising world - he as an art director and me as a writer. I always wanted to "be like Mike" because his oh so cool designs and clever solutions seemed to come so effortlessly. Then I found out he was a photographer, too. Ditto on how he made great photography look effortless. He's terrific at pretty much everything. Mike alway has fun new ideas and projects going that he's eager to share with all of us. Check out his blog, and you'll see what I mean.

Lucky Dog Audio – My radio production buddies Charles and Scott always seem to find something strange and funny to share on their blog. And they invented the very cool "sleeve face photo technique." (well, maybe not invented - but certainly perfected).

Superficial Snapshots
– I found Texas photography Allison Smith a while back on flickr. I love the way she shoots and her blog seems to reflect her attitude and style. Allison is always sharing the love for her photo and art friends - and that's pretty cool.

Chase Jarvis –
Chase markets himself and what he does better than any photographer. He's got contagious energy and is very excited about sharing his photography passion with the world. If you love photography - you like what he has to say.

A Photo Editor – The best blogs for me are the ones who do all the web research to find the cool stuff (so I don't have to). Robert Haggart's blog is packed full of all things photographic. He always has something interesting and inspirational.

Swiss Miss – Tina Roth Eisenberg calls herself a "swiss designer gone nyc" and she's a steady poster of very cool design related stuff. Plus, her "recommended" section is loaded with other tasty sites.

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michael said...

Thanks, Doug. I'm honored to have made your list. And here I always thought it was ME who wanted to "be like Doug"! Looking forward to checking out your other listees.