Aug 8, 2008

it's (a)live

The doug stremel photography website is up and running. It's simple and clean and I hope represents me and my unique photographic vision. Of course, it will always be a work in process. Several of the galleries need more editing and others need more good work. That feeling will, I'm sure, never go away. But I am happy with the first draft.

As promised, the bio was the very last thing I did. It needed some quality incubation time. It's written in first person. Thanks to my buddy Bruce for the inspiration. I truly am a lucky guy.

The site includes a semi-dorky bit of music in this first draft (thanks Gizmo Jeff for the disc full of legal music). I'm not sure the music element will be a part of the final product. Then again a tasty little piece of music is always a good compliment to good pictures. Maybe I'll get my fave audio guys at Lucky Dog to help me out with that. 'Cause everything they do is extra tasty.

Take a look. And let me know what you think.


Bruce L. Snell said...

Hey! Looks great. I really like your image choices. Your bio is perfect. I should change my bio to read "good friend of the world's luckiest guy".


michael said...

Love it on first glance! Looking forward to exploring all of its nooks and crannies...

Doug said...

Thanks guys. You made my day.


Earl said...

Love the website

Kelley said...

Hey, it was great to finally meet you tonight! Congrats to you (and all the guys) on the show - seriously, you four have an amazing collection of work there!

And, the website looks fabulous (love that Bee Butt :-) and your bio sounds great!