Aug 11, 2008

orange evening

I was out shooting some images for the 2008-09 Lawrence Visitor Guide this evening. When the sky turned orange I just couldn't resist a couple ultra-warm sunset shots. It wasn't quite dusk when I shot the golfer - but I just chose a really warm white balance and shot straight into the sun. Turned out sort of nifty. The second photo is shot from the Eagle Bend Golf Course parking lot looking back at the Clinton Lake dam.


michael said...

I was driving (cameraless) back to Topeka from Lawrence at sunset last night and hoped that someone I knew was out shooting. There was a great mare's tail cloud stretching across the southern sky that was begging for attention.

Looks like you made great use of the evening. I like the second shot, especially. Did you get any with my cloud?

Bruce L. Snell said...

Huh, I musta missed it. I think I was in front of the TV eating nachos and watching old Bob Newhart episodes.

Nice job Dougie.