Jul 7, 2008

sadie + michael

Whew! I made it through my first wedding. Sadie and Michael were such a pleasure to work with. They are fun and laid back and both of them made the entire day fantastic. Sadie found me in a round about way - I shot photos of her little brother Sam's football games (who plays on the same team as my son Connor). Even though I had never shot a wedding - Sadie and Michael gave me the gig. Their first day as a married couple. My first day as a wedding photographer. Turned out to be a wonderful match.

One funny story that turned out well. Sadie warned me that the service was going to be relatively short. I was thinking 10-15 minutes. The ceremony was outside at Stony Point Hall - a beautiful new event facility south of Lawrence. I got all of the shots from the back that I needed, so I worked my way toward the front. I got a couple nice shots, then I heard "you may now kiss the bride." Oh no! Already! I had to get back to the back to get shots of Sadie and Michael walking down the isle. I walked briskly at first, then moved into a full jog to get to the back. I probably looked pretty silly, but made it just in time. Next time I'll get a clearer picture of what "relatively short" really means.

After shooting all day, I now have even more respect for wedding photographers. It's a true photographic challenge. Thanks to my buddy and one of the best wedding photographers around - Bruce Snell - for all of his help with my questions and concerns. He gave me many invaluable tips and helpful advice. Thanks again Bruce.

Thanks again Sadie and Michael for letting me be a part of your big day.


Bruce L. Snell said...

Excellent! You've got a true talent Mr. Doug.


Michael Stanclift said...

I love the colors in the last one.

Bruce L. Snell said...

Oooo! New banner, new logo, big photos... all cool! I really love that bird shot you are using for the banner.

You are the man!


Earl said...

Very nice work. Looks like you worked your tail off. I bet you were tired the next day. I always was.