Jul 9, 2008

the EyeDoctors

Last Saturday was a full day of shooting for a new client – The EyeDoctors. They are a group of optometrists with offices around NE Kansas. They also run Peoples Optical.

My favorite office neighbor - Marilyn Horsch, a very talented painter and attorney - told her husband Brian Horsch, President/CEO of The EyeDoctors, about my photography. We had a meeting, and I got the photo gig. And their daughter Maddie was one of the models (along with two of her friends). They were amazing models and so much fun to work with. We shot in my office studio, in downtown Lawrence and several other spots. My fave stylist Patricia Castillo made the girls look fabulous all day long. I'm still wading through and processing photos - but here's a sneak peak at what we did during the day.


Bruce L. Snell said...

It must be tough being Doug Stremel.

GREAT job! I particularly like the second (Nebraska hat) frame and the one through the open car window.

Can I have you autograph?


Earl said...

Very nice. Clean. Simple. Like I've been telling you for years, you've got a very nice eye.

Michael Stanclift said...

"It must be tough being Doug Stremel."

Just what I was thinking.

Chris Ralston said...

Dude, you are so in the zone. I bow to your greatness and am thrilled at how much you are developing and expanding your work. Keep rockin'!


scott said...

ooo, girls in glasses. weak spot.

Nice work, as usual.

Doug said...

The only thing better than shooting good photos is having my buddies say kind things about my work. Thanks guys.


Andy said...

Consistently well done on all! (Although the fourth from the top is particularly interesting. Possibly the tine shift between the two ladies. Very nice.) Excellent work.