Jun 25, 2008

kansas cowboys

I was on the road last week for four days shooting a project for Kansas Farm Bureau. We made a big swath across a good part of the state for a TV project that features Kansas cattlemen. The photos I shot will be used for several TV commercials. We met some really terrific Kansas folks, had amazing weather luck, and got to see some of my favorite parts of the state. We made 7 stops, and I ended up with 4500+ shots. Ouch! I'm almost finished narrowing each shoot down to around 60 shots. We're not sure whether the final photos will be color or BW.

Here are some my early faves.


Earl said...

Nice work. Especially the details.

Bruce L. Snell said...

I like 'em a lot. Don't really have a favorite, they're all cool!


michael said...

Great work, Doug! Looks like a fun campaign to shoot. Probably hot out there, eh?


Doug said...

Thanks guys for dropping by. I hope to upload more soon.

4Mike: Amazing weather actually. Only one day was a little hot.


ostman said...

Wonderful photographs and an important documentation of the area and its people. Excellent work.