Jan 14, 2008

small is good

The good thing about owning a small agency is that you get to do everything. The bad thing is – you get to do everything. I left the big agency business in 1998 so I could explore other areas of the creative process. Now I've become a self-taught designer and photographer in addition to the other things I always did (write, produce, creative direct). I had a lot of help along the way from friendly art directors and photographers. Thanks everyone.

This ad is from a branding campaign we're working on for a terrific company called GTrust. The package includes a new logo, tagline, identity materials and ads. I got the shoes at Shark's Surf Shop in Downtown Lawrence, the model is our intern Orion, and I shot the photo in my big office with glorious northern, natural light. My office mate Trent Flory designed the logo and I designed the ad. Yes, small is good.

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