Jan 13, 2008

political photojournalism part2

I was going through some old photos for a family project today and ran across this photo. It's me on the floor of the 1988 Republican National Convention. The Bush/Quayle ticket won the nomination several hours earlier. This was my editorial comment for our goofball VP candidate from Indiana. I still can't believe they picked Dan Q. I don't think this photo qualifies for outstanding political photojournalism - but it still makes me laugh 20 years later.


Bruce L. Snell said...

That's you? I thought it was Jeff Foxworthy!


Doug said...

It was the 80s man. But now that you mention it - I do kind of look like JF. I wonder if that makes me a redneck?


Anonymous said...

I know you - you're definitely a redneck. ;) Great pix & nice site. Go Obama! - Shane Seley

btezra said...

Dan Quayle still has me laughing 20 year slater ;-)