Nov 7, 2008

weekly round-up

What a week. I was going to do a cool blog post after Barack rocked the vote - but I didn't think of anything cool to post. I just know we elected the right guy. I can't wait to see the new first family with their new puppy in the White House Rose Garden. Until then, you can see some terrific photo essays of the Obama campaign shot by Time Magazine's Callie Shell. She followed Obama for nearly two years. You can find the essays here and here.

I found out a while ago that several of my photos made the Winter edition of KANSAS! Magazine. And hey - I made the cover! They did a story on the Old Fashioned Christmas Parade that happens every year in Lawrence. It's always great to have your stuff in print - but it's doubly good when the editors pick one of your favorite photos. The shot of the kids watching the parade is one of my very favorite editorial shots I've ever taken (of course, it appeared in color in the magazine).

I just learned a buddy of mine is going to make his movie this December. Jon O'Neal is finalizing plans to shoot Au Pair, Kansas in December. It's a dramedy set in Lindsborg, Kansas. He's asked me to help with some photography, a poster, and possibly even producing a behind-the-scenes video. I'm hoping to free some time in December to be part of the fun.

And finally, it will be a weekend full of football. My son Connor plays in the first round of the 6A State Playoffs tonight. We're (Free State High School) playing a team that beat us earlier in the year, but I'm feeling good about our chances tonight. And then it will be a very early start to make it to Lincoln, Nebraska tomorrow morning for the KU vs. NU game. It's been a gazillion years since KU won in 'Husker land. Hopefully that streak ends tomorrow.


Christy said...

I love the shot of the children on the curb.

Doug said...

Hey Christy - thanks for dropping by. -doug