Nov 12, 2008

found music

I've never really understood how or why you can fall in love with a song the first time you hear it. Music is magical that way. I dropped by a blog I helped the good folks at Saint Andrew Christian Church get started earlier this year - and Brandon Gilvin had posted a review of the new Old Crow Medicine Show album, Tennessee Pusher. I'd never heard of these guys, and I wouldn't exactly call myself a big bluegrass fan - but this is some tasty stuff. Brandon called them Bluegrass for hipsters. All of it was really good, but a song called Wagon Wheel became an instant favorite. You gotta love lyrics like:

Rock me mama like a wagon wheel. Rock me mama anyway you feel. Hey, mama rock me.
Rock me mama like the wind and rain. Rock me mama like a south bound train. Hey, mama rock me.

I'm not certain what "rock me mama like a wagon wheel" even means - but who really cares, right? Enjoy.


Kelley said...

I was just introduced to Old Crow by my friend Kristy and we went to a live show last Saturday! They're awesome!!

Brandon G. said...


The interesting thing about "Wagon Wheel" is that the chorus was written by Dylan for a movie soundtrack, and picked up by the guys from OCMS, who wrote the verses.

Good Stuff.