Aug 19, 2008

fountain of youth

So, I sat down at the computer tonight with good intentions to do some real work. I made a short detour to my flickr page - and in two clicks I found something fun to distract me. How does that happen? I love/hate the web. This time it was (clever advertising portal for trendy clothing + technology companies). Upload a BW pic of yourself, and wa-la, you can see what you'd look like in yearbook photos from 1952 to 2000. Throwing all self-respect aside - here's how I look in some of those years. I won't say which hair styles I actually had.


Dan said...

Nice mullet for the 1990 pic. The 1956 pic looks a bit more like someone else I know and where is the 1980 version?

Earl said...

I like 1976 Doug

Bruce L. Snell said...

I was just thinking that 1976 Doug is probably really right out of your actual yearbook!

Cool beans.


Doug said...

Yep, 1976 looks a lot like real life (sans the turtle-neck, of course). I'm hoping I never had a mullet that long - but it was the late 80s, so who knows. Now it's time to find another web place to distract me.

- doug

Kelley said...

That is awesome :-)