Aug 25, 2008

dems in denver

I tore myself away from Anthony Bourdain in Egypt to catch some of the Democratic National Convention coverage tonight. I've been watching political conventions since I was a little guy and can remember the 1968 Chicago disaster very well. Anyway, I really enjoyed Michelle Obama's speech tonight. The background video on her life was interesting and well produced - and they kept the smultchy (sp) music to a minimum. If I was the candidate (yes you can), I'd have the Coen brothers produce my life story. Now that would be cool. Back to Michelle - sure her speech was polished - but she was believable and sincere, and I think very likable. And seeing the cute little Obama girls talking to their dad via satellite (Barack was in Kansas City), was just pretty darned cool. After the last couple underwhelming presidential elections - this year is a breath of fresh air. Go Obama!

Hillary gets the podium Tuesday night. For me, Hillary is an acquired taste. I haven't acquired it yet. It will be interesting to see what she has to say. And Governor Sebelius also gets a couple minutes in the limelight. Go Kansas!

I don't intend to make this little blog a political soapbox - but things around the ol' USA (and the world) have made a unfortunate side trip right toward the crapper. Hopefully the next guy we all put in the White House has a really good TomTom or Garmin and can get us going the right direction again.

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