Mar 5, 2008

slinky v. paper clip guys

Fung Shui Kitty was a no-show (or should I say pussy), so PaperClip Guys tag-teamed for a death match with Slinky. They're still goin' at now, but it's not looking good for the PC-guys. Slinky is just too flexible. Stay tuned.

Yesterday's Results: Kong was kickin' Cowboy's skinny ass. Then Cowboy spat right in Kong's eye (cheater). The hairy guy suffered some equilibrium issues, fell off the window ledge, and splatted on the floor. Game over for Kong.


michael said...

This is actually a very cool shot but it's the commentary that keeps me coming back. Is this carried on ESPN?


Bruce L. Snell said...

I'll put $20 on the paper clip guys.


Doug said...

Hey guys - thanks for dropping by the competition. Yesterday got away from me, so I had to postpone the toy war(s). We have a good one slated for today.


Dan said...

I'm predicting turbulence in Larryville - broken Clockmonster leaps from the wall crushing everything on the battlefield including Slinky. Game over!

Charles said...

My money was on cowboy. Kong looked peak├ęd from the start.

Love these shots Doug. Totally bad ass, as usual!