Mar 10, 2008

robo v. hopper

We took a short break from Toy Wars last week because I was preparing for a Saturday Photodudes shoot (more on that tomorrow). The Wars got nasty over lunch today. Robo Toy and Jumpy Grasshopper were whackin' on each other before the bell rang. Weapons aren't allowed, but trash-talkin'-bad-ass Robo Toy grabbed a killer pencil and made of mess of Hopper. It got ugly. The match is under review, so we'll have results soon.

Slinky v. PC Guys Results:
Two of the PC Guys bit it - but the other two hung around for a come-from-behind win. Slinky got cute and tried a flying-reverse-scissor-kick. It was a beauty, but the move resulted in a painful slinky groin injury followed by a sheepish call for "uncle." Who woulda thunk it? Bruce called the winner. Dan was premature with his Clockmonster leap prediction.


michael said...

Stinkin' robots... you just can't trust 'em.


Bruce L. Snell said...

I knew those PC guys would finish that overgrown spring off.


Doug said...

I've just been reminded: "You know, the number one rule of fight club is no one talks about fight club." Ooops!


Dan said...

It's going to be painful for Robo Toy when Hoppy straightens out the claw foot and gouges his eyes out. I can see a flailing Robo Toy falling from the ledge and being finished off with his own weapon.