Dec 22, 2007

white out

When it started snowing and blowing this afternoon - I knew I'd end up in some place I probably shouldn't be. My wife had to run to KC - and she took the Jeep before I could call it. So I headed out in my Chrysler Pacifica. It's has all-wheel drive and gets around really well, but I was headed to the backroads. North of Lawrence along the scenic river road - it was almost a complete white out. I could barely see the road. I shot mostly from inside the car because the snow was blowing so hard it mucked up the front of my lens before I could get off a frame.

I didn't get very many keepers, but it was a great fun adventure. And luckily, I didn't get stuck or slide off the road. Next time I'll call the Jeep early - and see if I can really get stuck.

1 comment:

Bruce L. Snell said...

Did I hear someone say "Jeep"? You should totally get that Jeep out to the off road trails in Randolph before this snow leaves.