Dec 26, 2007

new blog

With the new year around the corner - why not get a new blog, right? Actually, I have several reasons for moving my blog to blogger. I started blogging with typepad because I liked the format flexibility they provided. But the slow load times and monthly fee got tiresome. So, after some research I decided to go with blogger. It's simple and clean and easy - which fits me very well. Blogger doesn't allow you to import posts from other sites, so I had to repost everything. It was a tedious task, but I wanted to keep my archive intact. The only bad thing is I couldn't bring along all of the old comments.

My new blog look will hopefully evolve over time. I wanted something that was graphic and said something about my style. We'll see if it sticks. I'm not much for New Year resolutions - but I hope to post more often and have more interesting things to show and say. Thanks to everyone who has visited my blog. I really do appreciate you dropping by. Here's to an adventurous and fun 2008.

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