Mar 11, 2009

photodudes friday

The Photodudes will be on the road again Friday. We're going to an opening at the Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan where photo friend Deb Stavin will be showing. Since the opening is in the early evening - we're heading out early for some wandering in the Flint Hills. Should be great fun, and I'll finally have some photos to post very soon.

I'm going to reveal my secret "lone tree" location to my fellow Photodudes. Maybe I'll get a free beer out of the deal.


Bruce L. Snell said...

Do you want me to take your photo with the "lone tree"?

debstavin said...

Hey Bruce! Christy Schneider told me you dudes are coming to my show! It'll be great to see y'all.

I'm heading out early, too, but I'm not revealing the location of my lone tree.

debstavin said...

Thanks so much for coming! It was sweet to see you guys. Sorry the weather was so blah for shooting, though.