Mar 28, 2008

toy wars are back!

I've had several fans wondering where this action-packed-blog-feature went. My apologies. We had to iron out some issues with the promoter and sponsors. Seems several of the sponsors weren't happy with the escalating violence. I told them to piss-off. This is Toy Wars, not Sesame Street.

Here are a couple comments from the fans.

Dan said: I’m guessing that my prediction was correct again and that you just didn’t want to publicly admit it, but maybe there’s another explanation. Who knows but you, the question is whether you’ll ever tell!!

Mike left an interesting comment with regards to my Seeing Pink post: "These are all fine and dandy but are they going to fight? What happened to my lunch-hour toy battles?!? You can't just leave us hangin'. I think either cowboy OR kong could take pinky the crayon..."

Okay, here's the update. In our last episode Robo broke the rules and used a pencil as a deadly weapon. As you can see - it wasn't pretty. Hopper lost a lot of blood and croaked before the paramedics could stop the bleeding. The bug team better "strap-it-on" before they step in the ring again.

Today's Toy War

Pinky Crayon is a lover - not a fighter - and refused to get in the ring. Pink Brushy has an abrasive personality, and he made some sort of "Brokeback Mountain" comment to Cowboy. Ouch! That's a pretty bold move coming from a PINK brush. Last I checked, Cowboy had Pink Brushy in a bad spot on top of the radiator, and they're both talkin' a lot of smack. We'll let you know how things turn out..


michael said...

Oh, the humanity! Er... "bug-manity". You're going to have to put some sort of "explicit" rating on your blog if this gore-fest continues. But bring it on. This gritty side of the toy world must be exposed. It's been in the chest far too long.

Bruce L. Snell said...

Quinton Tarantino called... he's talking scripts. Big bucks. His people want to talk to you people.