Feb 12, 2008

photo music

My buds at Lucky Dog Audio Post showed once again their crazy creative side in a recent blog post. The post is titled Sleeve Faces. They took old album covers which featured faces of the singers, and photographed them in front of friends. It's crazy cool. Blog guru Charles Wyrick admitted they borrowed the idea from someone else - but the Lucky Dog versions were still rockin'. Check out their Sleeve Face art here.

While we're on the subject of music and sleeve art - you should check out the new Jack Johnson album - Sleep Through Static. Electric grooves replace his usual acoustic mellowness and his songwriting shows a more mature sensibility. Good stuff. And as an added bonus - the CD sleeve is full of some cool, BW, grainy, tri-x 400 looking photos. I don't pick my music by the sleeve art (like I do with wine labels) - but it's always great to have a double winner with music + art.

Add to the list of my fave music + sleeve art – JJ Grey & Mofro's album Country Ghetto. I found these guys on NPR's top music of 2007. This dark and melancholy swamp rock gets selected in my iTunes playlist almost daily. And simple and very cool throw-back, letterpress album art matches their tasty Southern sound.

I couldn't leave off one of my favorite album covers in recent memory. It's from Wilco and their Sky Blue Sky album. This album was also on many top lists for 2007. I never get tired of listening to these guys. The cover photo by Manuel Presti is titled Sky Chase. The photograph helped Presti win the 2005 BBC Wildlife Photographer of Year Competition.

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