Feb 11, 2008


I got an email the other day from JPG Magazine announcing a new theme for an upcoming issue. If you're not familiar with the online site or the printed magazine - you should check it out. They highlight some interesting and cool work. Anyway, I submitted several images for a previous issue (haven't heard back if I made the cut yet), and thought I would keep trying.

The newest theme is titled FRESH. Here's the description for submissions: Fresh from the farm. Fresh as a daisy. Getting fresh. Fresh faced, fresh air, fresh start, fresh prince. So fresh and so clean, clean. Whatever it means to you, give us a fresh perspective on fresh. We'll follow your lead.

I found several images I thought might capture that theme, but I'm having a hard time picking. The photos are from the 2006 Wakarusa Fest here in Lawrence. I'm experiment with several new Lightroom presets I got from Matt Kloskowski at Lightroom Killer Tips. I'm interested in what all of you think might have some impact with the editors. Please drop me a quick note with your thoughts. Thanks.


Charles said...

I like 'em all but the girl on the bike is "fresh" mos def! Awesome pics Doug!

Bruce L. Snell said...

I like them all too even though they all "look like a bunch of dirty hippies" (which is extra funny if you say it in a Cartman voice).