Jan 27, 2008

flint hills

After my wind farm post I got a comment from William Smith. He's part of the Flint Hills Tourism Coalition, and they're promoting visits to the Kansas Flint Hills. Bill was hoping that I would add a link to my blog. Of course, I agreed. I love the Flint Hills. I've provided several other Flint Hills related links below.

Bill's note reminded me I had a bunch of Flint Hills photos that have never been posted anywhere. These are from a trip I made in November 2006. Can't wait to wander back some time soon.

> Kansas Flint Hills

> Bill's Flint Hill's of Kansas Blog
> National Geographic Article (Kansan Jim Richardson shot the photos)


Bruce L. Snell said...

I really like that first shot with the morning fog. You must have been up pretty early to snag that!


michael said...

Nice set! I'm with Bruce on the first shot and I really like the last one of the horse, too. That angle put you right in the drool zone. You're a brave man.


Dr. Bill ;-) said...

Neat additional photos!
And, thanks for the Flint Hills links! ;-)

btezra said...

fantastic imagery and thnx for the links as well!