Dec 19, 2007

mercy blue

Not long ago a Singapore Liblogarian found one of my photos on flickr and was inspired to write a song. Now a Philadelphia band is naming their new album after one of my photos. The band is called Mercy Blue, and lead singer Josh Werblun emailed me late last week asking if he could use my photo for their album art. They had no money - so what's a photographer to do? Josh seemed like a nice guy and passionate about his band. So, I said yes. I'll get a photo credit, a free CD, and hey, maybe they'll make it big someday. Then again, maybe not. But it seemed like a good "pay-it-forward" sort of thing to do. Now if I could just get Sting or Joss Stone or Eddie Vedder to ask to use one of my photos - that would be somethin'.

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