Dec 30, 2007

good stuff

I spent some time this morning wandering around flickr and checking out the photos at jpg magazine. Damn, there are so many good shooters spread around the globe. So many different perspectives and amazing moments captured and posted for the world to see. All the great work is, of course, inspiring - but it's also a little intimidating when I measure my work against the "good stuff." And some of the really good stuff comes from shooters who aren't pros. Just regular folks with a camera and a passion to capture a moment in time. I guess that's what makes photography so cool for me.

This afternoon, I took my bit of inspiration, grabbed my camera bag and iPod - and headed out to the back roads. It was a crisp, blue-sky afternoon with much of last week's snow still on the ground. I stopped at several of my old haunts and found a some new spots, too. I even pulled out my old buddy - my Lensbaby 2.0. It was a good time hunting for some good stuff.


michael said...

Good stuff - I especially like the red barn with the shadow.

I know the stone house well. We tried to buy it about 20 years ago but couldn't get the owners to part with it. I think they felt they'd get around to restoring it themselves one day. Doesn't look like it's happened yet...

One of these days I want a ride-along on one of your adventures. You always find great stuff.


Bruce L. Snell said...

Kinda partial to the train shot myself... really cool.


Doug said...

Thanks for dropping by guys. Mike, I'd love to have a ride-along for one of my weekend journeys. I'll give you a days notice - and we can hit the road.

Happy New Year!