Jun 22, 2007

goin' shiny

My family gives me a hard time about always wandering off somewhere to take photos. They say that I have an ADD-like fascination with photography. "Where's dad? He must of seen another shiny object." Ha, ha - you guys crack me up. I was telling the family "shiny object" story to my good friend Kip recently. Which finally brings me to the point of my post title. Kip's son is studying in Scotland, and he says they (Scots/Brits) have a saying for this very same thing. Goin' Shiny. When someone gets distracted easily or wanders off (like me) - they would say "Doug's goin' shiny again." Now that's funny.

One of my favorite "goin' shiny" places is the Kansas prairie. It's an aquired taste. The subtle rolling hills and wide open spaces don't appeal to everyone - but that's fine by me. The prairie wildflowers are in bloom now - so it makes it all the better. Here are several images I got the other night after finishing a photo assignment.

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