Apr 23, 2007

light in the loo

My office is on the third floor of a wonderful old building in downtown Lawrence, KS. The bathroom is on the second floor. Every afternoon when I make a stop there - I notice how the natural light drifts across the rustic room. Today was the day to capture the light. No one walked in - so I didn't have to explain my bathroom shooting. I'll spare everyone the possible poopy puns that may have transpired.

As I was thinking about a title for this post, I remembered how I always wondered why the British called the bathroom a loo. One popular theory comes from this timeline of toilets:

When people flung their potty waste out of the window, they would shout "Gardez l'eau" [gar-day low]. That's French for "watch out for the water". We probably get the word "loo" from this expression, although some people think it comes from "Room 100" which is what European people used to call the bathroom.

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O'Neal on Movies said...

Who knew this bathroom, where I've both urinated and defecated, was so.... beautiful. Lovely shots.